Machinima – Carnival Attractions


Here it is, my uploaded video!

You’re probably better off watching it on YouTube directly as the content area of my blog is quite thin, so the video has been reduced in size to accommodate this.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it!




Creating my machinima has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As I look back over the last few weeks, I realise that things went pretty smoothly for me. The problems I had were able to be solved, the machinima came together nicely and I am happy with the end result.

There are however some things that could have been done differently.

How the process went:

Initial Planning:

I feel I stayed true to my initial planning. Choosing the software, theme, music etc really helped me start the process of creating the machinima. Having solid decisions laid out meant that starting the creation of the  machinima was very straightforward.

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Muv601 – Fulfillment of requirements


As I have created my project I have mentioned the various things I have done to meet the requirements of the assigment.

Here I am going to clarify what I have done.

  • Between 3 and 5 minutes of publicly viewable machinima
    • My machinima is almost 4 minutes long and is uploaded onto Youtube.
  • Evidence of basic story boarding of the machinima

    • There is evidence of my storyboard in the blog post “Carnival Attractions – StoryBoard”. I tried to stick as I possibly could when creating my machinima.
  • A copy of the script (for actors if involved or voice over if used)
    • There waxs no voice acting in my machinima. I felt this would have detracted from the overall feel of the video, which is supposed to be based upon the ‘mood’ of the song. Read the rest of this entry

Development Of Activity -Part 3


Day 3 of editing went well.

Day 3 was mainly spent viewing each piece of video I had to test if it was right for the machinima. If it was, it was renamed so it could easily be found again when I needed it.

If there were no suitable video’s for the section I was working on, then I created a new one. I had a lot of issues in Second Life that day, the location I was at was very busy (there were a lot of people there). This meant I was suffering from issues to do with lag, making it difficult to get the footage I wanted. This was a recurring theme through out the entire time I have worked on this assignment.

The only other problem I had on this day was with the camera controls.

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Development of Activity – Part 2


Day one of editing went well, I managed to put together over one minutes worth of machinima.

My first preview of the entire minutes worth of video was choppier than I expected it to be (I had been previewing the sections I was editing as I was creating the video – just not the entire video!). At this point I had two choices, I could re-work the scenes I had done or I could scrap it and start afresh.

I decided it would be easier to start from scratch than to fiddle around with each scene and all the key frames contained within.

While this seems like a waste of work, it was a great way of establishing the path I needed to follow, plus it was a great refresher course in using After Effects.

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Development of activity – Part 1


Before I started any filming, I read many articles on the creation of Machinima, articles on the best software to use and watched lots YouTube videos to give me an idea of what is out there already and to understand the direction I could take my Machinima in. This helped prepare me for this assignment as I have never done anything like this!

Over the last few weeks, I have been capturing the video I need for the machinima I’m creating for my 3rd assignment. It has been an interesting experience!

The first day of Second Life footage was wasted as I hadn’t set the sky line to the time of the day I planned. It was meant to be a purple/orange hazy evening but instead was a morning sunny blue.

Before I took the next set of SL footage I took, I made these changes to the graphic settings.

  • Preferences > Graphics  > Speed/Quality: High
  • Preferences > Graphics  > Draw Distance : 512m
  • Preferences > Graphics  > Atmospheric Shaders : On
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Carnival Attractions – Initial Planning – Confirmed

Location SLURL


I have chosen to use a creative commons license – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

This means others can use my work as long as attributed back to me. Most of my work will contain this license.

This will be listed in the opening sequence of the credits.


Author: Tenebrous Brothers Carnival

Song Title: Act One

Found at

The music on this site is royalty free.

There are two licensing options. The first is to pay a small fee to obtain a no attribution license.

The second is a Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license.

This means that in my video I must attribute the song title back to the website PLUS list the license.

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Carnival Attractions – Storyboard

Kooky, Dark, Carnival, Loneliness, Love.


The music runs the entire time of the video – The avatar and the ‘mood’ of the video flows with the ‘mood’ of the music.

Scene 1) Slow panning of the carnival.  Film Title text appears in this sequence (Title is Carnival Attractions).

Film title text will fade in, then pan and fade out. Entire sequence lasts about 25 seconds.

 Scene 2) Avatar walking through the carnival (alone), the carnival is busy! people are everywhere. Emotions pass fleetingly on her face – emotions such as excitement, happiness.

Scene lasts about 15-20 seconds.

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Copyright, Copyleft


Copyright, copyleft, creative commons; there are many ways of protecting our ideas and creations.

I have added the creative commons attribution-  share-alike license to the bottom of my blog.

My reasoning for the licence I have chosen is that I am ok with people using any of my ideas,thoughts , information or images I have created on this blog. The can take the information or images and modify it, add to it, repost it (whatever they desire) as long as they attribute my work back to me AND that they too also use the same license.

Over the years I have used many other peoples work (mainly images) to add to my own work. Last year when I created a Flash program on Native NZ plants and birds, I used many images off the net. It was not for my own gain (financially) but to allow me to create a program that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. I would not have had the time or the resources to get these images on my own.

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RES300 Project


Over the last month I have been  thinking of what I shall be doing for my project next year, hoping that I could come up with a grand idea and that I would use this as the basis of my proposal.

After much time and thought I realise that my project is a long way away and that what ever I chose now would be very different to what I actually do for my project. So instead of focusing on what I may or may not do in the future I am using the information I already have to create my proposal.

So the proposal I hand in for assignment 3 will be a research project based propsoal , the one I have talked about in RES300. It will be an ‘argumentative’ research paper that uses secondary research.

While it is not quite what I was wanting to do, I have put a lot of time and effort into the idea behind it and it would be unproductive not to go ahead with that idea.

I am not as far along in my proposal as I would like. Though I do have the basic structure prepared with my thoughts and notes within it.Thank goodness for the long weekend, I was able to get a lot of work done!